AoS 2.4 changes.

These are new functions and some changes that we have setup and are currently working. Some of these details aren’t very useful for most, but a few have expressed interest in the website technical details. There is quite a few more things still to add, tweaking is nonstop with this experimental website.

  • Automation of user roles / algorithm, operates on amount spent in time period.
  • New points system improved.
  • New social login system improved
  • New custom user roles, levels of access and benefits.
  • Changed from Elementor to Beaver Builder, page customizing.
  • Wishlist, premium addon.
  • Cart popup, only shows on pc currently.
  • Live chat, only if we are online does it appear in bottom left, just a few pages it activates too.
  • Access visibility for products, posts, menus, widgets, pages are now active. This site is very dynamic to your user access and we are adding more.
  • Theme changed to GeneratePress, my favorite to customize. Other Flatsome theme was real nice, but had many functions dumbed down.
  • Extensions or discounted offers, now you can extend access to some products before you buy for a discount if offer pops up during checkout.
  • One click checkout, if you have it activated in account options and have used stripe it will instantly purchase products. Otherwise it just sends you direct to the checkout page, removed Apple Pay for this more versatile.
  • Advanced post pages, we are still working on these pages that are dynamic in nature. Shows a different view based on your access level.
  • Photographer submit post v1, photographers can now submit photo or video parts to the site, if approved you will be paid for use on this site.
  • Submit link/casting feature, paid option for people/business wanting to get the word out, needs approval and a small fee.
  • Model profit sharing, models can now signup to make money after the shoots by getting profit sharing. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Many new security protocols and custom code setup.
  • Two factor authentication, you can enable this for your account.
  • New photo gallery system with pre caching, way better.

More coming, some may have been forgotten,

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