AoS v3.0

AoS v3.0 has been quickly setup to replace the v2.4 mega system to keep the site simple. The v2.4 system was sold with a different configuration for the buyers business model on Jan 28 2019 and I was not happy with that much website functionality so we redid this. This site is fully setup, functional, undergoing some new cool tweaks still.

  • MemberPress core with a different setup (My personal favorite system ever)
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Lurker 5-20+ posts pack, and eventually Big Lurker which is multiple packs.
  • Simplicity, more customized than ever.
  • Access roles system additional to member system, VIP etc.
  • Best performing setup of all time, enhanced.
  • More to come…

Note if you had the v2.4 Lurker No. 1 access you were sent an email with new link to access it.

error: Access Denied!

Under design still...


Site theme and core has been changed.