The flood is coming.

Guys I've had lots of time off the past few days due to weather, did a ton of work on this site and I'm in real love with this version. I have also been going through many shoots and getting the parts ready, I was very fortunate recently to shoot with a ProPhoto b1X two light kit. I say this because I'm not even going to edit these, I simply exported them with the AoS logos in LightRoom and organized them into the parts.

Another update is I'm updating my laptop to something small and easier (Mac Air loaded) to travel with finally after 8 years (Asus ROG beast) so I can work easier, my current is huge and takes forever to boot up due to its age. Another benefit is the color of my content should improve, my old screen is off a bit and Ive got dead pixels in various spots very visible.

But I wanted to throw out this number of PHOTO parts I have currently in multiple hard drives, 476 Parts 15,576 Photos. That's the current finished parts, now I have barely even touched many of my shoots on the drives most never seen and made parts, then you have the monster amount of VIDEOS! If we can keep the site easy and with more refinements to my workflow hopefully I can flood this site very soon.

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Under design still...


Site theme and core has been changed.