Big Lurker details.

Big Lurker will be similiar to Lurker memberships, once we have at least 3 Lurker memberships posted then the first Big Lurker No. 1 will be offered. BL will be a way to get multiple Lurker No. #s in one purchase with a discount for buying all together, like a combo meal at the fast food joint. There is no set number, it’s just at least more than one Lurker.

Big Lurker No. 1 = Lurker No. 1-3 or 1-2 etc.

Another tidbit about the user account option fields I will add more that serve as user specific options. This may allow you to change the appearance of some elements of the site or some personalization. Just something I’m playing with for now.

I’ve had some nice comments about this new setup in v3.0, it’s a mix of all the past versions and still being refined. Only bug is the members search bug if a model is in another membership you do not have it will not show in search for any memberships. Small bug but only one I’ve seen thus far.

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Under design still...


Site theme and core has been changed.