Search will not work properly here.

The search function on this site is extremely limited to all so much that I removed the entry boxes. Reason is the added security to post views and archives, I thought it might be a bug but was told it’s working as intended and I am fine with it. So basically the entire collection functions like the old AoS NP (Non Public) for all Membership posts.

This does make it a tad more difficult to show the previews, Lurker No. 1 has two screenshots of the post archives currently. I am coming up with other ideas but the screenshot with info works fine for now. Might be a custom preview page to try some new methods. I have come up with a custom shortcode now to display posts in a list for the previews, this also functions as a live updater of sorts in case I do change any of the post in already post Lurker memberships.

So search right now is not a good function on the site, interestingly I was just creating a custom search page.

error: Access Denied!

Under design still...


Site theme and core has been changed.