Lurker No. 2, lots of brand new and unseen.

February 9 2019

Update Lurker No. 2 is now available. We have also created a custom shortcode to list all the post titles and thumbnails in a list, will improve this over time. This is way better than the screenshot method, the formatting can be improved, great thing is the list is live updated in case I add or change posts. Notice the video thumbnails may have a default AoS image at times.

Lurker No. 1 was put out a few weeks ago, its purpose was to get something up quick and to be used as a template for the new setup. The sales of No. 1 were very weak, but then I did expect this because of the posts and ratings. Now maybe today or soon after Lurker No. 2 will be released with a bunch of new content, never before seen stuff, maybe even a video included. We do expect to start enhancing these as time goes by, a note about photo and even videos is I do plan on updating many of the parts. Sometimes I either didn't edit or adjust the content or they just weren't as good as they can be.

Keep your eyes out for it in the Shop page.

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