The constant evolving nature of AoS

I had a person send a message yesterday, it’s a good question and one I think about myself. First and foremost if I decide to change the site format the members ALWAYS have access to their content when active, I run various backup versions of the site and send a link to them. The sudden change from v2.4 to 3.0 was a quick decision it appeared but one I had been thinking about.

This system was one I used in the past but now with more knowledge and personal coding enhancements I knew it would be better this time. V2.4 was a monstrosity in features and I hadn’t even put most up yet, at the end of the day it did not help with the main purpose to show content from the shoots. So my plan is to keep this system running for all of 2019, over time their will be tweaks and additions. The Shop page for instance is very plain, but the pricing and link to “details” changes to “view” once you have purchased a membership. Little smart functions like that is what I really appreciate.

The first time I ran this system I had a mess of hard written links for each membership, then once you visited a post it had navigation to other posts that many times you couldn’t even view. This was dumb as fuck, that does not happen anymore, also you have access links that are dynamic to whatever you have purchased in many spots. It very fucking simple to find and view content here now. Notice there is no stupid annoying spam or tricky links on this site, we will allow industry people to post if they like but it will be contained and transparent.

At the end of the day that’s all I ever wanted, simplicity. Things I know people do find negative about the change is the loss of a few features like points, model profit share, and photographer submit post. Some of these may come back over time or be a different version. Sometimes you have to know what all is out there (v2.4) and then after you have experienced the high life you can make better decisions on what’s really worth it.

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