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I have been waiting awhile to get 10 full AOSM memberships put up to setup more features of this site. It’s now at AOSM 10, I have added the “Pay Per Post” function back allowing customers to purchase just a single post of content. Pro tip buying AOSM membership is way less expensive than a single PPP.

If you are new here this site has photo and video content spanning from early 2000’s – 2021 of models, usually in lingerie or nude. I have just setup this blog section and it will have informational posts like this and content highlights or stories from any of the current products posted. I know a first time visitor may be like WTF with the descriptions appearing as some code of abbreviated text, but there is lots of info in those post titles.

Let me give you a simple break down of what this sample content part title means “Liz Ashley S1P2 R 89“.

  • Liz Ashley = Models name, sometimes it’s just a single name or first name with initial, most models use stage names btw.
  • S1P3 = Shoot 1 Photo-Part 3, so in this instance her first shoot with me and each shoot is broken into parts, say of 400 photos I made 4 parts in total, this example is photo part 3.
  • R = Restricted, this is a content rating very similar to flickr’s S M R ratings, Safe = fully clothed/general modeling, Moderate = provocative/nude/lingerie/lots of skin, Restricted = full exposure nude/fetish/kinky
  • 89 = Number of photos in this part, I try to divide the sum total of the entire shoot into equal part amounts, usually around 100 photos a part.

A variant is a video title like “Liz Ashley S1V1 R 04:32“.

  • S1V1 = Shoot 1 Video-Part 1, very similar just uses a V to distinguish a video part. Part names for video are made depending on how many are currently uploaded on the site, so since there is no current Liz Ashley video posted the first video will be V1.
  • 04:32 = Video duration time of 4 minutes 32 seconds, I usually keep four digits with a leading 0 if under 10 minutes. Videos here are usually short 1-10 minutes.

More in the future.

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