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Abbs S9P6 M 107

1 Abbs S9P6 M 107, this is a nice photo post of a more muscular super Abbs wearing a sheer two piece flowery lingerie outfit and nude posing around the hotel. She was a bit shy during this shoot, I could feel some strange energy that day but I am used to that even with “The Phenom”. This was shot during the pandemic 2020, most of the photos are lightly exposure adjusted and a few are in black and white. I shot mostly using natural light and had my 70-200mm lens collar attached to tripod during most of these, point is very sharp NL shots vertical/horizontal. Clean crisp photos.

Margret P S1P3 M 100

2 Margret P S1P3 M 100, Photo post of Margret in a nice hotel wearing a two piece black lingerie outfit with heels and stockings, then nude. The 6ft tall model could barely fit on the bed sideways as I shot her with a side window light only, then on the couch, and finally by window. This set is mostly unedited with a few B&W images. Margret has always been one of my favorites, photos are very warm toned.

MKBlondie S1P2 R 112

3 MKBlondie S1P2 R 112, Rookie MKBlondie in this photo part in all natural light, shes in the “Bright Suite” a place where at a certain few hours of the day you have some excellent multi directional natural light which can be filtered through the sheer white curtains. A few shots from later in the night are mixed with her on wood floor with my gridded 43inch octabox really close to get that directional soft light mainly on her. This post starts in the bright day of her in two piece blue lingerie outfit which “quickly” comes off, then MK got into her erotic zone and the photos are super spicy half nude then full exposure nude. The late night shots she wears a one piece black lingerie outfit and they rock. She started so shy but then woah WTF, I still want to edit so many of these to show off more. Most shots in here are just lightly exposure adjusted, this is a super nice post and I have received many compliments on this entire S1 shoot.

Ziva Fey S1P3 R 107

4 Ziva Fey S1P3 R 107, Photo part of Ziva Fey in Arizona, a very impromptu shoot where she just happened to be near me and available. I had been “lurking” on one of Ziva’s sites and was just waiting for the right timing for this shoot. This part is about midway through the shoot, full exposure nude on bed and in the kitchen, her posing can be artistic one second and naughty the next. The photos are shot with a simple shoot through umbrella and are lightly exposure adjusted. Ziva is really talented with a spunky attitude, on this shoot she giggled quite often. If you like artistic and lots of naked it’s in this one, I need to shoot with Ziva more.

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