You can find the most recent model and site updates on this page.

Note for each model shoot to be posted it must have photos then I will add videos edited and/or lightly edited raw scenes over the next few months usually. Site content updates will still be slower until 2018, I have added most of the new changes but work is super busy.

I made a new Snapchat dreamtographer I use this for the “My Story” function.

Some upcoming content
  1. Whitney and Elizabeth shoot 1
  2. Margret P shoot 2
  3. Chae shoot 2
  4. Elizabeth G. shoots 2,3 and special content shoot 4
  5. Stephanie and Vivian shoot 1
  6. Katrina shoots 1,2,3
  7. Jennice shoots 1,3
  8. Jodi shoot 1
  9. Stephanie and Shelby shoot 1
  10. Tiffany shoot 1
  11. Cassandra shoots 1,2
  12. Melissa D. shoot 2
  13. Rebecca R. shoots 2,3
  14. Nicole shoot 1
  15.  Brittany W. shoots 1,2,3
  16. Shiloh H. shoot 2 special content shoot 3
  17. Frances shoot 1
  18. Michele P shoot 2
  19. GTown shoots 2,3
  20. Shannon G. shoot 1
  21. Shannon and Tony shoot 1
  22. StephT shoot 1
  23. Pool multi model shoot 1
  24. Kyda K.  shoot 1
  25. Taylor Twerks shoot 2
  26. Kelly shoot 1
  27. Just a few top of my head new model posts plus videos to many of current posts and new ones. Should be around 100-150 models posts with what I currently have.


  1. Website changes, I have tested another member system on one of my other websites. I liked the system but right now do not seeing it being used here for this website currently, I will still have it running on another server who knows one day it might connect to this site here. It has lots more payment option settings which really had me interested and is a very new system, with more use creator updates it may be something good. The scripting system seemed weaker than my current setup which allows me to create my own conditionals with more flexibility, example are all the membership access buy in error checks are made from short codes/scripts I put together. The biggest thing was it does not have a built in media system like the current one I have does, this just makes things easier.
  2. Added AoS Models 2, this will be an extra gallery similar to the NP setup but will be mostly older shoots that are just photo only post. This will be an optional account upgrade, right now nobody can see any content in this section and it may show an error page when clicked on. Previews will be available when I have added content to this section which will be quicker than most.
  3. Upcoming changes the Extra Content and AoS Perks pages will be deleted towards the end of December. In there place will be ppv or content upgrades. Most of the content on these pages were small samples or short parts of content anyway, new stuff will be more lengthy.
  4. I am now not sure if I will add the ability to extend the accounts, this is mainly due to the account upgrades feature. I am looking into testing more code snippets. When account expires right now it just converts to expired member and upgrades get removed. You can just log in and restore access and re purchase upgrades if they have been updated or you want to see the same ones, the upgrades are updated so this is by design to be removed when account expires.


  1. Changed memberships to not delete when expired, this is due to the perks system delete in December and a few new functions and forum I added. If you log in and access has expired just visit the purchase membership links while logged in and the system will send you to the right spot to restore access.
  2. Added upgrade account page, it’s different and will be a dynamic page that uses your info to show what might be available, yes it’s possible I can offer different deals to members. Now this page could end up being one of the most interesting pages in the future due to limited “special” offers there at times.
  3. Added AoS Models NP as first upgrade, now any account can have this added and will unlock some extra posts. Past level 2 members already have this added so no upgrades will show to them. 
  4. Added a member forum AoS Discussion, simple stuff modified member accounts not to delete while I have this running.


  1. Modified AoS NP section, it is now an add on upgrade that can be purchased in the future, old level 2 users got adjusted for the update. When you upgrade to various new addons it stays on your account till it expires.
  2. Account upgrades, new function has started being implemented. The first is just the NP section that has a few extra model posts more will be added, other new ones will have AoS Models 2 category, special videos, or other content. This takes away from time released perks and makes everything Right Now if you upgrade. I think its a better change overall, but will take time for me add content. What I have up now on the site may be edited and modified, think of the content as being layered to just what you want to see. I will say that the way the photos are displayed and then viewed when clicked is very solid and will most likely not be changed.


  1. I will be cutting down this updates page a bit with irrelevant past updates, there has been some small changes made to the site. I am testing an alt system on another server, right now it has many more features but is very new unlike the one I have here. Future payment methods may include bank transfer, ccbill, maybe more. You can get more info about what I am doing on my SnapChat stories, half of my updates are about content or site related.
  2. Updated FAQ page.
  3. I am going to do my first gear upgrades in almost 4 years for 2018. Going to look into a couple compact but powerful strobes and large octa/soft box with grids, total control with light is something my little of flashes do not fully allow with lower power ad the quality of light is improved. Might do a profoto or einstein kit most likely. Will be adding a new fast telephoto lens for super bokeh stuff I am wanting. I am considering the mother of all the Canon 200m f2.0 L which is a huge lens but has a look of its own trust me or something similar. If you know someone selling one let me know.


  1. After 6 full months of various paid access options and testing the setup of the site I am making a few changes. I want the site to be a bit more simple for me to update, what you see is what you get. During the 6 month period I have been surprised at how flawless the system has worked, only a couple minor email errors from the site were the only issues I’ve been notified of. The changes won’t be huge, just minor variations of the past options minus a recurring subscription monthly plan. 
  2. Removed level 2 buy in/upgrade option for the public. Current level 2 member accounts will still function until they expire (all will now expire I removed the recurring charge), but no future auto payments will occur. I decided to do this so I can relax more and take my time, the future of this site is PPV with simple but expanded short term membership access options possible. The level 2 option was actually the most popular membership for very cheap, but it took the most time to keep up due to the nature of the way the perk system has to be filled with hidden content that is time released. October saw the most signups of all months by quadruple and with more memberships comes more stress, fuck stress. Maybe in the future I may add a new recurring monthly membership option again, but for now it’s not available.
  3. New options may include content upgrades you can add to your short term membership. I have considered going fully PPV, if I did this there would be no use for any membership signup here. You just pay, receive smart link for content, link last just a few days like the setup I have up now. This would make content cheaper to access, but then all content would have its own price point making me a bit more profit overall. So yes each model post would have a price or I can bundle a few, various methods.
  4. The perks system was a fun idea, but it’s something I will be removing at the end of December 2017. However there may be some content still time released on the site which was the perk system code. This also means the AoS Models NP section will be changed, not sure what I’ll do with those yet. 


  1. Added Candy shoot 1 post and photos, lots of photos yet again. Videos for this shoot will be posted over time. Candy has expressed interest in more shoots, maybe who knows.


  1. Modified a few security functions, these are user account/login/ip address related. If you for some reason use a ton of devices or travel a bunch like I do it’s possible you might have an issue logging in, mainly this could happen if you were just online with the site a bunch while traveling and using many devices. It this persists contact me or wait an hour or so, try logging out of other devices too. If you ever just get a server error where you just see a white page with text saying something like forbidden etc. then that’s my actual server firewall and that is next level but can be cleared. I am monitoring these a bit and will adjust them again if issues arise.
  2. Modified password reset function, with some users depending on email service or even operating system the password reset link sent in email would show to be invalid. The link is actually not invalid but just does not show up properly to some users due to extra characters <> which wrap the link. This is a WordPress setup and I have removed those damn <> so the link shouldn't append those to them anymore.


  1. Added new AoS NP model post and photos for level 2 members.
  2. Added Rebecca R. shoot 4 post and photos, have a couple vids to add soon.


  1. Added Chani shoot 1 post and photos, lots of images in here this shoot has been asked about quite a few times so here is a bunch of never before seen images.
  2. Updated some of the membership page information especially the extend/upgrade page.


  1. Added Whitney Sweets shoot 1 post and photos, again this is the largest photo gallery by a huge amount, I just really enjoyed this lady. I will have what I feel is absolutely the greatest videos ever, mean it this time of her soon posing, dancing, spanking that rocks my socks, and one I have never done before that freaked me out a bit because fuck my cock got hard as fuck when she did this, sorry only level 2 monthly subscribers will see that lil clip.
  2. Added Whitney Sweets first ever spanking video to her post. We did a bunch of these.


  1. Added two videos to the Extra Content page that can be seen by all members early in the first week of membership, these are two very good longer edits I made in the past.
Older News


  1. Added Annabel N Dawn shoot 1 post and photos, was surprised I selected so many photos 140. Like all the new posts I do adjust groups of photos with various different looks, I like some of the new looks I have been manually creating. Might add some BTS videos from this shoot, most were shot vertical/portait so they need edited if I post them too. Her eyes are amazing blue.


  1. Added Nathalia Rhodes shoot 1 post and photos, going through these I found much more than I expected to post. Videos soon quite a few clips never before seen.
  2. Renamed the AoS PPV Video page to AoS PPV Content page, meaning I will also add single posts to view along with videos and special content with no membership required.


  1. Updated level 2 upgrade function I noticed an improvement I could make for people purchasing the upgrade since currently you can only get a monthly subscription as a level 1 member. Example now if you buy a week access you become level 1, you can then upgrade to level 2 on the upgrade/extend page. The old way I had it setup it would just reset the account access time and charge you the new signup rate for upgrade and I had a warning no refund message with current time left shown. Now the new method will change ANY remaining access time to one month as level 2 member when you upgrade so your first auto payment comes after 2 months the first time, then it’s monthly after that. So it more closely makes it like you signed up as a level 2 from the start when you upgrade. Only issue could be if somehow you have more than a month of access as a level 1 member and upgrade you will lose any time over a month you may have had. This is highly unlikely to happen on this site.
  2. Note to members (mainly applies to level 2 monthly) if you cancel any membership and still have access your account will still be useable until the access you paid for has expired then it auto deletes soon after. I had a scenario that worried me but seen the member was just on the ball for when their account would expire and cancelled the last day of their membership. You don’t need to do this.


  1. Updated new site features being added not super exciting just tweaks, I am testing a few new features that are all under the hood so speed issues or errors could happen in the next few days. This site has multiple automatic backup system running so I test on the live site for now. I have to leave them running with visitors and site features being used for a few days for real testing, mainly security and possible new notification emails system.


  1. Added Emma Anne shoot 1 naughty spanking video to post.


  1. Added Brandi sexy dance BTS video to Extra Content page, this is probrably the best clip my mobile editing software has put out. I have lots of little vids from this shoot including two explicit full scenes, but one will only be level 2 access or ppv not sure yet.
  2. Added shoot 1 Vanessa Angel erotic scene and fetish video to the post, it's a damn great video. Guess what the video is even better for level 2 monthly members though and has almost another 2:30 minutes of additional explicit footage on AoS Perks page as perk 6. Really good video here.


  1. Added shoot 1 BTS video of Michele P.
  2. Added 2 Elizabeth Gandy sample videos to AoS Perks 5 for level 2 members.


  1. Added Britt W. shoot 4 post and photos, this post took a bit longer than most but has the current most images. 170+
  2. Added Shiloh Hendrix shoot 1 post, photos and some videos will be added shortly.
  3. Added Shiloh Hendrix nude dance twerking BTS video, raw clip adjusted exposure a tiny bit, nice.


  1. Membership options are being modified still, level 2 subscribers are now the only ones who can access AoS Models NP which is now shown in the level 2 AoS Perks menu. NP section will eventually have time released posts just like the Perks are done for any new posts added, you can see the title of the posts before though. I may be adding another AoS Models 2 section for all members, I'm doing this so I can rotate out different sets of models from the main page preview easier. It may look like I have added a whole new set of models to the site at times eventually. There may come a time in the future where I may switch my membership system, I have been looking at trying more options, the one I have now is fine but they only maintain it and not really add new functions like Apple Pay which pisses me off.
  2. Ive been working on my health lately so lots of focus has been on diet and some exercise. I have been getting lazy at everything and feeling like shit, this will in turn effect my photography in general as I feel better my creativity/motivation goes up.


  1. Added Ariella G. shoot 1 post/photos/videos, still adding a BTS video to this post. This has a huge photo gallery, one of the most requested so why not.


  1. Added AoS PPV Content anyone can purchase videos from this page, some videos may be available to level 2 members as a perk. These are separate from the membership system and are accessed by using a special link emailed to the buyer which last for 3 days.
  2. Added Taylor Twerks erotic nude lap dance scene video with me as her victim, really fun video. This video is available for free to level 2 monthly members as perk 4 which activates at 127 days of being a member if you want to wait, you can view it as long as its posted as a member too.


  1. Note this is still bugged and sloppy so I will still be playing with options. Updated all photo galleries on the site to the new viewer when image is clicked on. When you view a post with photos it now has a slider, this slider is ok and saves space. When you click on an image in the slider the new improved slideshow viewer will open and it the best way to view the photos. It has a auto play function set at 3 seconds for each photo. With a site like this having so many photos I am always trying to find the best way to view bulk images on multiple devices. 


  1. Added Jennice Nicole Shoot 2 post and photos, this is a very special shoot probably my all time favorite.


  1. Added Shoot 1 Amy Shepherd, my damn internet was slow again tonight had plans to upload videos but too slow.


  1. Page updates and new configurations to Welcome/Upgrade/Members, now you have more links all put together with more info about account etc.
  2. Changed prices on memberships, level 2 members already subscribed now are paying less each month than new members. Level 1 members can take advantage of a small discount on lots more membership access or upgrade to a monthly plan.
  3. Was gonna add a new model post today but my internet is super slow in the woods, just updating pages took forever.
  4. New membership purchase options are currently closed, I have made a system to open it back up when I add new content for a few days/weeks then close again. This does not effect any active member also the new membership rates have increased, good thing you level 2 members locked in that lower rate if you don't cancel.


  1. Added Brandi test shoot 1 post/photos to NP section, videos soon level 2 will have extra on this post.


  1. Added Michele P. shoot 1 post and photos, videos in the future.
  2. Added Woodlands Multiple Model Glamour post photos, this is a very old shoot but one of my all time favorites that many used to ask about in the past.


  1. Update this video was removed by Vimeo for being too stimulating at 22k views in a few days, now it's hosted here on her post. Added new Prissy Luv Erotic Moments video, this is a public video embeds only here and tumblr. I put a few public videos out occasionally the last few years, that's how some of you find out about me and my progressive shooting. Vimeo deleted this video on 8/07/2017, I'll repost it on my servers. Only reason I use Vimeo is because the video upload process is a few steps easier than on my streaming server and its social options. I'm hoping to have some code made to make it easier.


  1. The website has had some major changes under the hood, this should speed up the pages loading a bit.
  2. Member accounts get deleted 24 hours after they expire automatically now. This is due to the perks systems I have been refining, in a few months when any new member joins they will have new content show up every few days for some period of time, these could be videos or special photo galleries. Some of the posts up now have hidden galleries that activate for level 2 members currently when they continue as a member over time.


  1. Added 1 new short test adult shoot scene video of Alice, it only works within the AoS Perks page after you have been here a few months at level 2 recurring subscription.


  1. Two new video only and 1 new photo/video shoots were done this past weekend. The two video only shoots were fun but contain super explicit content and access to them and other shoots like them will be premium content if I add them on this site.
  2. Added Emma Anne shoot 1 post and photos, fresh shoot in my new favorite location. Videos are exceptional on this shoot some soon.


  1. Added and paid for new fully optioned photo gallery system, its way better than the one Im using now. I have setup a look I like on the Membership page, the model post will get updated to the new style soon.
  2. The theme I am using had a big update, so far nothing seemed to have broken but if you see any weird issues try clearing your browsers history/cache and reload site.
  3. Added Liz Ashley shoot 1 post and photos, will add a BTS video soon.
  4. Updated all model galleries to the new photo system. It has a crashing issue with iOS on the nicest lightbox gallery setting, for now I have set for pop up photo that can be clicked for next/previous. Should have a fix soon it works great for pc.


  1. Added new BTS video for MKBlondie shoot 2


  1. Added preview gallery to membership page with link to purchase.


  1. Added MKBlondie shoot 2 post and photos, some amazing HQ shots in here. This shoot was mainly video so look at for some nice new videos soon.


  1. Adjusted site membership payment options on purchase/upgrade pages, the monthly subscription price has gotten better. If you have a monthly subscription level 2 and visit the upgrade page for some reason you will not see any payment options cause you have access until it expires and you are demoted if you cancelled. Only level 1 and expired members can see the options.
  2. Added feature for membership upgrade page to now allow you to purchase additional time, it will extend your access. I will be adding a new short access option soon.
  3. Added 3 day buy now level 1 access option for $5.00 a cheaper shorter option, should be popular.


  1. Added Aga G. test shoot 1 to the NP section, this was a short but very explicit shoot.


  1. Updated the Extra Content page, now works off access days acquired, now content shows to all active members after a certain amount of days. Note the AoS perks for access 2 (recurring subscriptions) are separate from this page and exclusive content.
  2. Added Melissa Dawn shoot 1 post and photos, short shoot.


  1. Added Ashley E. shoot 2 post, huge photo gallery, this post has special content for access 2.
  2. Added perk 2 for monthly members.
  3. Modified recaptcha settings for logged in members.
  4. Added Kelly M. shoot 1 post and photos.


  1. Added Butterfly Luv BTS Erotic Test Shoot video, this came out better than expected. Nice clean edit.


  1. Added AoS Perks page which only shows to monthly paying subscribers. Automated content page based on days active.
  2. Added a new BTS video of special model as the first perk for subscribers after 32 days active.


  1. Modified the members access levels, today I have made any recurring monthly charged members now a level 2 AoS Member Plus, this helps me with the perks system that uses amount of time as paid user to reward with extra content.
  2. Added MKBlondie shoot 1 post, shoot 1 photos in two galleries lots of images, premade erotica video, room dancing vid, new bts sofa grinding vid, new 3 clip bts video.
  3. Added thumbnails to the image viewer for all model posts starting today, old galleries were updated to have them too.


  1. Created a new coupon code for expired members they can use on the upgrade account page for a savings, expires end of June.
  2. Added Elizabeth Gandy post, shoot 1 photos, 1 pre made video on web, 1 new fetish spanking video bts.


  1. Modified Spec-EC export preset this is where membership photos come from, upsized pixels 1200 up to 1600, quality 90% up to 100%. Better quality photos a tad larger. These are just for today's new model posts, checking performance might keep setting.
  2. Added Margret P post, shoot 1 photos, premade videos, more videos soon.
  3. Modified Membership prices and update account/extend prices, they have went up a few bucks. These are the regular prices, look for discounts or special offers to be offered in future.
  4. Added Hazel to the NP section, shoot 1 photos.
  5. Site page upgrades to FAQ, Castings.
  6. Added modeling link for castings and new casting form.


  1. Added a new public fetish/fantasy video edit of Ariella from shoot 1, surely will get some attention. This video will be hidden from public and only viewable to members here shortly.


  1. Added Mia M. post to NP section, shoot 1 photos, videos soon.
  2. Added Taylor Twerks funny video.
  3. Added 2 extra content videos brandi and mkblondie.


  1. Added a "upgrade account" page for those who let access expire. When you login and access expires you will see an alert on welcome screen that pops up where a new link is visible to upgrade to paid member. You will not need to make a new account.
  2. Added 3 purchase options for membership here and opened membership. These may be modified soon.
  3. Added code conditionals to check if user already has AoS Member access so they cannot update/purchase more access till current expires.
  4. Added more conditionals for users with an account already (if logged in), they cannot purchase a new one but will instead get a link to the upgrade account page where if they have no current access they can purchase it.


  1. Changed "Extra Videos" page to "Extra Content" page.


  1. Added Taylor Twerks post, shoot 1 photos.
  2. Added function to show extra videos to recurring members, based on number of days membership is active as AoS Member.
  3. Fixed model post update code on many posts, had misspelling in code. Let's you see if the page/post has been modified.


  1. Added Ashley E. post, shoot 1 photos, 1 pre made video.


  1. Added Ariella G. post, shoot 2 photos, pre made lingerie video.


  1. Updated site security and major plugin updates. Poll has an error in my interface, but don't think it effects anything else.
  2. Added new full bts video clip of Aria G. erotic and groped scene.
  3. Added Prissy Luv post,  shoot 1 photos, clean video and bts video.


  1. Added AoS Models NP section, these are fully non public posts. The images do not show on the main slider for the post like the AoS Models do.
  2. Added Aria G. shoot 1 photos and video pre made, look for new ones soon really kinky stuff.
  3. Added the first NP section model Butterfly Luv, test shoot 1 photos, videos soon.
  4. Deleted the Models public page, boohoo.
  5. Updated Membership page.


  1. Added Post/Photos for Rebecca shoot 1, Chae shoot 1
  2. Added Terms of Usage on Membership page.
  3. Added 3 videos for Rebecca R, 1 brand new!
  4. Added Vanessa Angel post, shoot 1 photos and 1 bts video.


  1. Added Kelly St. Claire post/shoot 2 photos.


  1. Added Leloni SP post and AoS post photos-videos shoot 1.
  2. Added new video options and mobile appearance fixes.
  3. Added new SP model post purchase function for the public.


  1. Added new model public page with specialized photos and video gallery. Public sample.
  2. Improved Amazon CDN for videos setup and fully working.


  1. Setup all the member system and payment features.
  2. Security settings setup, tested. Link sharing and logon sharing penalties automated and enforced. You will be terminated!
  3. Server query load tests for performance, handled above expected sessions.
  4. ARPS (automated response protection system), we own the meta, connected designed by ryan/bluttraumer.


  1. New server, huge increase in operations.
  2. Site reset all content removed during move due to a few errors.


  1. First opening of paid member system, worked well for payments but server was not sufficient for site like this.
  2. Came up with paid member system in mid March 2017, put it all together and opened site on 1rst of April.