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The most hated, blood dreamer, superior experiment, Germany’s revenge.

ShadowsFuhrer is now the proper title for Herr Bluttraumer.

Heinrich Blutträumer – character in story “Blood Technology” and webmaster for Crazed and delusional German.

After WW2 a contract was given to a young German scientist under the guise of chemical weapons knowledge beyond that of the USA’s own. Operation Paperclip had unknowingly let more than a few scientists who were actually conducting experiments on humans. A group of these Nazi’s were close to new breakthroughs on human blood, due to the collapse of the Third Reich operations ceased.

After their arrival in the states one rogue scientist left the group of his peers in disagreement with their new toxoplasmosis disease variant. The events after lead to a desperate counter measure for the human altering science his ex peers were already testing. A young mother with her son would soon run into the rogue scientist. The young American boy with German ancestry named “Heinrich” was thought to be a perfect candidate for kn108 a new toxoplasmosis variant.

Blood technology had begun in the USA, and it’s alive more than ever today. Stay tuned.

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