How this site works!

I know at first it might be a tad confusing, we are working on simplifying things here.

  1. Visit the Shop and buy some stuff.
  2. While purchasing you will setup a user account, if using a social login its super quick and automated.
  3. If your purchase was approved you will get an email to show this.
  4. Now just visit the site and log in if not, while logged in you should see a menu item “Your Posts” click that to open page. You will have a very simple looking set of tabs that show links to purchased posts/pages using the PPP system and a couple other lists.
  5. We will be tweaking this to make it better over time.
  6. If you need more info about how PPP works read the section below on this page.

Ratings for the posts here are similar to Flickr.

  • Safe, for all viewers.
  • Moderate, provocative or some nudity.
  • Restricted, full nudity, erotic or fetish.

Settings for PPP (Pay Per Post/Page)

  • Default access time is 30 days then they expire from being viewed (you can buy again after), some posts may have shorter or longer times and will be notated.
  • Posts or Pages access can be bought for this system.
  • Pricing is variable on a per post/page basis. These prices depend on content rating type, amount of content, or other reasons.
  • BTS, behind the scenes content will be shown and most likely be mixed with a photo post at times.
  • Each post/page has the time for when you bought and how long left you have to view it (this is being worked on). Important fact is if you buy a post again the system will not prorate or add more time to the post access, it will just reset the access time to the default, like 30 days.
  • You can view what posts/pages you have bought on the “Pay Per Post” menu item up top. This just shows a list of posts as a link, hopefully we can spruce up this list more. Note once a post has expired it will still show up in your “Purchased” list.
  • Mix PPP, has a mix of just 1 photo part and 1 video part, parts can be from any shoot.
  • Mix Bundle, when a post contains more than 1 photo or video part from any shoot.
  • Photos Bundle, when a post contains more than 1 photo part from same shoot.


AoS Member (30 days)

  1. Automatic discounts on many posts not exclusive to this membership. Most of the shop items will show members discount.
  2. Exclusive content in 2 levels currently. Non Public and Public, can only buy these as an active member. Non Public products do not show up in the store or in search for non members, unlock hidden content.
  3. Extra points on all AoS Member exclusive content, default is 200%. Some may have additional % bonus too.
  4. You receive a large amount of points each time you buy or renew this membership.
  5. Can renew anytime and the system will extend membership for you if you have time still available.
  6. Show support for the site and get rewarded with discounts and extra points.

Payments can be made from these options.

  • Stripe is our default payment provider. We have it setup to use the “checkout” option which is a fast option.
  • Amazon Pay is another option and real simple to use, this will show up if you are signed into amazon with current browser.
  • Apple Pay will appear once you have used the stripe system at least once. This is very handy and allows to you instantly buy a post skipping the whole checkout system.

AoS Store

Basically this new setup started in August 2018 is based around a shopping cart system. This was done due to the pay per post system, we have enhanced it with many extensions and membership/subscriptions functions too. In the future it is even possible for use to offer physical goods for sale on this site if needed, this site is a full featured online shopping center.

The content on this site is mainly photos and then videos from many of Ryan Burleson’s shoots. The shoots focus primarily on fashion and boudoir style themes. Some content may have some erotic or even fetish themes, but this is not a porn website. Over time more content may be offered from even other people.

No content on this site may be reproduced or shared outside of this website. We have functions enabled to see user right click, save image, save as, screenshots, keyboard + entries etc. similar to snapchat/instagram for disappearing/expiring content. You might see a warning appear when these events are seen, lets play nice here. Read our terms of service for more info too.

Content in each post/page is setup in a part system. These parts are just smaller series of content from a shoot. Shoots can have 1-30 or more parts, so as you can see 1 shoot could have a bunch of parts. Photo parts are usually between 10-50 photos, the average is around 30 images each part. Video parts will range from 30 second videos to 10+ minutes.

  • S2P7 = Shoot Two Photo Part Seven
  • S5V3 = Shoot Five Video Part Three

  • 2015 domain purchased
  • March 2017 first pay member setup.
  • Closed site for new system Dec 2017.
  • Opened v2 April 2018.
  • May 2018 site became major and got its very own dedicated server.
  • Advanced store system v2.2 Aug 2018.
  • October 2018 AoS upgraded its dedicated server again for more speed overall. 4x more power and speed.

To model for AoS go to the Model for AoS page. We also have a profit sharing system that is very effective for models wanting to make money after the shoot and should be motivation to come shoot more in the future. You can see some details on this system on the Profit Sharing page. These are still being adjusted.

At times there may be small site issues, these are usually corrected soon after discovered but you can help by letting us know. Here is a list of some that may happen.

  1. In a post no content shows or error msg, this may be due to some changes made on the server and the code hasn’t been updated.
  2. My Account > AoS Point(s), this page might error or not show up at times. This is a plugin glitch with the coupon system and it usually comes back up, the points system still works just points balance page won’t work temporarily.