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AoS Membership

You can find the signup link right here when its available. $** first month/$** recurring and possible other options, note these prices will eventually increase. I wonder if there is another way?

What you see on model posts today may change tomorrow I have way more content from these models so a membership is great! I am always shooting new models.

An AoS Membership here provides you with access to my very own large collection of model photos and videos, I've been shooting female models since 2005. Its almost like being on the shoot with me and you unlock the model posts on front page and then you get access to even more models not shown. The reoccurring membership lets you retain access and whatever rate you start with. The model posts update often with more content. If you've seen my content on another site maybe a teaser and want to see way more then a membership here might be for you. Large photo galleries from each individual shoot done with each model, behind the scenes images/videos, RAW unedited material too. In 2015 I started shooting content to be used one day on a membership site, even most the models haven't seen this stuff. In 2017 lots of my model shoots are being done specifically for this website. Content here is focused on sexy-erotic stuff, I am known for pushing some limits at times.

Membership Details

  1. Photos from each shoot with model 15-100 or more images not seen anywhere, these may be edits, proofs, or even BTS. These are all very new 2017 fresh images, meaning I have improved my quicker processing and the results will be highly improved over any older ones.
  2. Videos either BTS or specially made for the site members only 720p-1080p.
  3. The photo content can change to an entire set of new images from time to time.
  4. You get to see more nude and risqué photos and videos! Erotic and Fetish anyone?
  5. I use Stripe for payments, the system is automated and secure no payment info is stored here, your membership will be available right after payment received. You will see Ryan Burleson Photography on your payments, emails will be from bluttraumer website god here!
  6. A bunch more models and even test shoots are unlocked that you don't see on the front page.
  7. Content is dripped on some posts, meaning more content is added over time and some removed.
  8. You can rate/comment on some of the content here as a user, let me know what you like or dislike.
  9. Pricing will be lower with less models at the start, but will increase over time. Get a recurring subscription to keep those lower membership rates.
  10. All nude models here are at least 18 years or older at the time of the photo/video shoots, other non nude models had a legal guardian present if necessary. They all also signed a model release and if necessary also a 2257 adults performing form.

Terms of Usage.

  1. The AoS Membership here is for access to a user account on this website for the intended purpose of viewing public and private digital content created by Ryan Burleson Photography for the Sexy Photography and Video by bluttraumer project. This user access can link to even more content by my partners/assigns. By logging into your account this websites membership access has been fulfilled.
  2. No sharing content from the members section, no screenshots, no video capture, no saving, no link sharing, no account login sharing. Violations will be grounds for user account termination with no warning. The site has automated security responses to some forms of nefarious activities. All activities on this site are logged.
  3. There are no guaranteed refunds for service here at all. If this service ceases to exist your membership will be cancelled automatically and you will not be charged for future access. You should contact the webmaster here if you have account problems using the contact form.
  4. You must be 18 years or older to view and access this content by purchasing a AoS Membership here.
  5. All content here is "© Copyright Ryan Burleson All Rights Reserved" unless specified otherwise.

You will know!