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Hey you need a membership here to view these posts, they aren't that expensive and I put lots of work and money into these. Plus new posts show once you join, yeap even more shoot posts and models 

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The AoS Membership has just opened June 1 2017 so content is still being edited/added on a weekly basis!

An AoS Membership here provides you with access to my very own large collection of model photos and videos, I've been shooting female models since 2005.

Membership Details

  1. Photos from each shoot with model 15-100 or more images not seen anywhere, these may be edits, proofs, or even BTS. I now make a separate post for each shoot, so if you see that the model has done "Shoots 3" then there will be other posts with those shoots too. These are all very new 2017 fresh images, meaning I have improved my quicker processing and the results will be highly improved over any older ones.
  2. Videos either BTS or specially made for the site members only 720p-1080p.
  3. The photo content can change to an entire set of new images from time to time.
  4. You get to see more nude and risqué photos and videos! Erotic and Fetish anyone?
  5. I use Stripe for payments, the system is automated and secure no payment info is stored here, your membership will be available right after payment received. You will see Ryan Burleson Photography on your payments, emails will be from bluttraumer website god here!
  6. A bunch more models and even test shoots are unlocked that you don't see on the front page.
  7. You can rate/comment on some of the content here as a user, let me know what you like or dislike.
  8. Pricing will be lower with less models at the start, but will increase over time. Get a recurring subscription to keep those lower membership rates.
  9. All nude models here are at least 18 years or older at the time of the photo/video shoots, other non nude models had a legal guardian present if necessary. They all also signed a model release and if necessary also a 2257 adults performing form.
  10. The site has a membership perks system that is still being worked on, this allows the site to routinely add more view able content for members who have paid more to the site for access here, even temporary members get some perk by paying at least once and updating later to regain access. The site remembers you up till at least 6 months, after that your account if unused (unused meaning not paid again, logins do not hold) might be deleted.
  11. Premium content videos can be purchased only by members, this is the stuff many ask for but is outside what I offer on a basic AoS Membership.
  12. At times I can offer limited discount links, and even coupon codes for membership access here.
  13. Buy Now members are short term days to weeks non recurring charge level 1 AoS member, recurring monthly charged members are level 2 AoS Member Plus. The advantage over time goes to the level 2 recurring charged members as they will get more content due to automated payments, the algorithm I am working on rewards those who pay more, but level 2 has its own content perks setup additional to the standard system.

Some comments I have received and my responses!

Amy "Hey just wanted to leave a comment to the shadow man, love your website and constant care of it. Will we ever see you in more of the videos, you have a fantastic sophisticated and sexy voice? Kisses." Bluttraumer " Thanks, you can hear me talking often in my BTS videos. You will eventually see me a little in future videos for the blutträumer you will know scenes. Gift for you added."

Gabriel "Thanks for adding the thumbnails to the galleries made it easier, some of these exclusive photos are your best work man. Are you going to show some of these gems publicly, if you don't I think you may be missing out? I hope you keep this site going like this, I am a glamour photographer myself in Houston using 3-4 profoto b2 lights with full setups of modifiers, when I see you are using hot shoe flashes and natural light only indoors this indicates some serious skill with all those keepers you are getting, props to you man." Bluttraumer "Thank you for the comments, I am showing a few of the new photos to the public but the members here get to see lots of them now. I actually want that profoto system you have myself b2 2-3 lights, it will elevate my quality of work due to more flexibility with the lighting power (I had around 5 Paul C. Buff lights, shoe flashes, huge strobe kit in the past) , I use less due to my travels so have to keep my kit small. Yes up until 2014 I was one of the worst photographers with natural light I hit it hard on a personal level and put the reflectors, flashes, anything that modified or made light away. Just shot the model with a camera body and f1.4 to f2.8 lenses I have now, try to challenge yourself like I did. Hire a model "in case you screw it up they get paid" and say fuck it lets get this down. Extended your account for the nice comment!"

Marc "Ryan I was skeptical about paying for membership but love the work you do and very surprised at how good this site is I upgraded to monthly today, I think you have something unique here." Bluttraumer "Thank you, if I'm gonna offer something I want to make sure it works well. I have added a free month to your account for use of this comment."

Leslie "Hi long time lurker, love the mix of style you have and you shot an old gf of mine. Think you broke her out of her shell she is a different person since her first shoot with you, keep it up. Is there a gift option here?"  Bluttraumer "Yes, this site has this ability let me know I can link a gift purchase option 1-10 memberships at a better rate. Gave your account a free month for comment!"

Terms of Usage.

  1. The AoS Membership here is for access to a user account on this website for the intended purpose of viewing public and private digital content created by Ryan Burleson Photography for the Sexy Photography and Video by bluttraumer project. This user access can link to even more content by my partners/assigns. By logging into your account this websites membership access has been fulfilled.
  2. No sharing content from the members section, no screenshots, no video capture, no saving, no link sharing, no account login sharing. Violations will be grounds for user account termination with no warning. The site has automated security responses to some forms of nefarious activities. All activities on this site are logged.
  3. There are no guaranteed refunds for service here at all. If this service ceases to exist your membership will be cancelled automatically and you will not be charged for future access. You should contact the webmaster here if you have account problems using the contact form.
  4. You must be 18 years or older to view and access this content by purchasing a AoS Membership here.
  5. All content here is "© Copyright Ryan Burleson All Rights Reserved" unless specified otherwise.

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