Model Profit Sharing

It has always been an idea of mine to one day change the way people who work with me are treated and in turn helps me too. Recently I was thinking of ways I could give models back some commissions, I thought affiliate links like most sites.

Unfortunately most people in this day and age find anything worth an effort too much of a hassle, affiliate links involved posting a few special links on social media or websites which is such hard work. Still I wanted something even simpler that any model could easily get involved in, so now I have setup a simple profit sharing option.

This is just the beginning and many of the terms and conditions may change over time. 

  • To qualify a model needs to have shot at least twice here for AoS. This option will only be available to a select few models in good standing.
  • Model rates must be flexible or none at all due to the potential of the after shoot commissions. 
  • Best shoot types for higher profits are Boudoir and any Nude shoot currently.
  • A vendor account with dashboard is made here, this is optional and allows the model to see profits and sales.
  • The model must have one of the following Venmo, Square Cash, Stripe, Bank Account to receive commissions.
  • Commisions are sent manually after a minimum amount is fulfilled. A limit on transactions will be set, most likely every two weeks.
  • Profit sharing will give models a percentage of commission for each shoot we agree to use for PS. For instance shoot 3 is uploaded and has 15 photo parts, each individual part/product gives you a commission.
  • Right now to start I have offered a 50% commision for each sale, this is a real good commission. On one recent test I setup a test account for 4 photo parts and in a 24 hour timeframe the account made nearly $100. This is real good and consider most shoots have 15 parts average here so this was very minimal.
  • Models must remain in good standing and each shoot PS can last up 3-6 months. This limit is imposed to get the model motivated to want to shoot more content, I like shooting with good and productive models. Generally the posts will sell very well right after the initial shoot.
  • It is a goal to make this so motivating that models will eventually just want to shoot here often with minimal up front costs. A minimal figure projected for most boudoir or nude shoots could make 4x the models upfront rate over time. This all of course is speculation but the numbers show this already with test accounts with current content.
  • This is the start of this setup and functions will improve over time.
  • Shoots that are setup for profit sharing will have priority and be posted much quicker here. This means models can earn quickly.

If you are a model and interested in this Kontakt me.

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