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Alert, no active AOS Membership, limited functionality, no shop views please upgrade.

  1. Post title example “ModelName S2P5 M 105”, S2P5 = Shoot Two PhotoPart Five, S2V5 is Video.
  2. Ratings S, M, R = Safe, Moderate “Provocative/Nude”, Restricted “Full Exposure Nude/Erotic/Fetish”
  3. 105 = number of photos in the part, 04:31 = video length
  4. Prices of parts are created by number of photos/rating, videos by length/rating.
  5. Ultra Premium content products have higher prices and do not follow the pricing calculation of the site, these are special rare content the model would not typically ever do. I had to pay the model a lot extra to do the shoot, these products are for the extreme fans.
  6. AOS Membership blocks store content from the public views/buying aka member only, extra content, and other site options. Occasionally the main PPP section will be unlocked so the public can view and buy.
  7. Most photos are not retouched, lightly adjusted in Lightroom, and some are just watermarked after a default raw conversion only. This is beneficial to photographers to see the actual real look of the model and something I appreciate seeing myself, Videos are not super fancy, we are working on improving videos.
  8. My Account page has coupons, membership stats, and general account info you can keep track of.
  9. Store credit can be purchased by members, offers scaling discount the more you buy. Expires in 12 months after purchase. This is not always available for purchase.
  10. All content and features on the site expire, there are no lifetime purchases.
  11. When adding qualifying and even multiple items to cart some coupons may magically appear on the checkout page, click on them to activate. Repurchases and AOS Membership renewal currently have coupons to save big.
  12. If you encounter any issues with a post or other please use the Kontakt page to message me with the issue. You will get a response if message has legitimate subject.
  13. If you like a feature or a post on this site you should let me know, otherwise I’m known to remove stuff just as quick as it was added. I pay lots of money for third party features, but if no one uses then it’s gone.
  14. All activities on this site are reviewed multiple times daily from an easy to read server audit log, from pages viewed, photos clicked on, videos played/duration viewed, log in/out data, more. I use this to help with issues a user may be having and to watch over the sites data. I have a few members who do the most curious things aka suspicious stuff, if you get a limited functioning account it’s to let you know you have earned my attention.
  15. Upgraded access level (Lurker) may be added to any good member temporarily, this increased level will show in the AOSM Status page. This mode enables extra options, content offers, and specials. Getting this is entirely up to the grumpy webmaster and may be modified at various times.
  16. Starting with AOS v4.1 new shop filters will be active, example m1 is after 1 week active etc. something gets activated like a coupon/deal or more products automatically show up in the shop. You can now see what filters have been unlocked on AOSM Status page (must be active member to view). This system is now fully active up to 52 weeks.
  17. Please note we do not want expired accounts sitting around with data, they will be deleted if not used quickly.
  18. Amazon Pay is only available for customers in USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Denmark, and Japan.
  19. Login issues, there is some code that limits the accounts here to just one active account login. If you change locations/browser/device/ip etc it will show a login error. You can just do a new login after the error and the site will log out your other older session. Do not share your account, I can easily see it and will remove you from the site no matter what. If you have an error showing “human score too low” just browse a few pages slowly and try logging in again, this is the hidden recaptcha function which blocks bots with a score.
  20. Do not download content externally from this site, I can now easily see a normal page view vs a downloader request. I have setup a filter based on some very popular downloaders, they are very predictable and I’ll adjust as they update. Read the Terms of Service page, it’s simple and enforced.
  21. Thank you for seeing more from the shoots, please secure your accounts by using two factor authentication with device memory option and this site does have persistent ssl encryption on seen in browser with a padlock.
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