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AoS Member (Discounts/Store Credit/Exclusive Content Offers)


AoS Member (Discounts/Store Credit/Exclusive Content) gives posts discounts and bonus store credit, last for 1 month use it or lose it. You get store credit for the price paid plus a little extra. Exclusive content offers not shown in the public shop.

You will get following coupon(s) when you buy this item:

  • Store Credit of $20.00

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AoS Member (Discounts/Store Credit/Exclusive Content)

  1. Access last 1 month and can be renewed
  2. Store credit also expires after 1 month, use it or lose it.
  3. Offers a 15% discount on all pay per post and possibly more products in future.
  4. The discounts are automatically applied once this membership is active.
  5. You get store credit in the amount paid plus a little bonus amount added.
  6. The store credit is shown in the “My Account > Coupons” page, when you are in the “Cart” you will see a coupon that you can click to auto apply to your purchase. You can use all or some towards purchase price.
  7. This membership is for those who plan on buying multiple posts to get a savings and to support the site.
  8. Now having this membership will show a few extra products that can only be viewed and purchased with this membership active. Note if this expires any associated product will not be viewable, an error saying page does not exist will show.


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