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Updated Sept 28 2020

This product has been discontinued after the last update shown above. Accounts will stay active for a few more weeks and you can view your content purchases until they expire. After this version of the site is closed any member with active accounts will have a coupon available at new .NET (same name just use .net instead of .com) site if you decide to sign up for a membership there. Keep in mind the new site is gonna be extremely minimal, but that can be a good thing. I may move the .net site back to .com in the future or not.

Old product info below.

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Updated Sept 21 2020 (Now includes coupon for 1 free item in S or M rated category)

This product is the only way to join the site and may not always be available to the public.

+Unlocks content store for premium content purchases.
+Extends any current access remaining in AOS Membership.
+Most products are available to see in shop from day one, the rest soon after 200+.
+No monthly recurring payments, just pay when you want, no bs.
+Uniform pricing for 95% of products done by ratings S,M,R. Now all products with same rating have same price, excluding price rating “NU”.
+Monthly updates for either content, site features, and specials.
+Includes coupon for one free product of your choice in the S or M rated categories. (Promotional)
+Content you purchase from the shop expires in 30 days.

Join showcasing years of photo and video content, after joining you can access the premium shop and purchase content products. Each of these products unlock large photo posts or special video posts, you could purchase all parts of each shoot and view the entire thing as it was shot. Content is mainly of female model shoots varying from Art, Fashion, Boudoir, Nude, other various styles. This membership may at times have some included “PPP” content, a member sale may also be activated at random times automatically discounting product prices.

The photographer here has over 30 years of experience in various photography and video fields. You will not be disappointed, the site is custom designed, coded, and fully run by this same photographer. The content is usually right out of the camera with a small watermark, some lightly adjusted, others may have some retouching. You get to see the models as they really are, hundreds of photographers love this site.



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