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Some customer short reviews about the site service and content, earn points if we use your review. Note I may correct some spelling or grammar, some reviews will be removed over time.

“Think I am addicted to the site, back and forth on here last couple years. Always great things to see, I am wondering if you will ever put back up the photographer submit option? I used It in the past but was not accepted and then it was removed, thank you for the wonderful job you do here.”

WEBMASTER RESPONSE “I have updated this option since you reminded me now and put it back up as new name “Content Submission” with only “Store Credit” option for now. Lot of photographers on the site and now they can submit their content and get great store credit for use on this site. Note I am picky on submitted stuff.”

Alex S. Feb/2020

“I liked the site a bunch but after trying to login recently I seen that I was deleted apparently, then I sent an angry email and couldn’t even access this site at all for weeks after that. I am guessing you are able to restrict people from even seeing this site as a non member showing a server error maybe due to my email. I am wondering if you ever show complaints you have, I do not understand why I was deleted and wonder if its’ ok to join again since I can see the site finally? Please let me back in and don’t kill my computer please!!!!”

WEBMASTER RESPONSE “All accounts get removed due to inactivity eventually, I do not want peoples data stored of any kind when it’s not in use. I deleted over 50 accounts even some that just expired for a couple days, the accounts and data are of no use to me when expired and are a security risk if kept. You can easily sign up again when you want to see more from the shoots, having an old expired account gets you no privilege here anyway. I purge this site of data quite often, even this page.”

Roberto Jan/2020

“Was confused at first with how the membership worked, it’s like a cover fee to enter the store in case anyone else is wondering. I like the site overall and would be interested in helping out if you were ever looking.”

Jenny Jan/2020

“This guy is one of the most talented around and still wants no attention. Been awhile since I logged on and gave some well deserved funding to the shadows, always working on this website it seems. Awaiting your return to the Big Apple my old dangerous friend, stay warm. VIP ±”

Rob Jan/2020

“I tried a few major sites that sell subscriptions to view stuff from models, social media stars, or other. I prefer the setup here since it’s custom made by the actual photographer and things can change with feedback more it seems. Looking forward to your next offerings.”

Damon Dec/2019

“Greetings from Germany, I prefer this site over many others because the photographer here seems to be hiding their best skill with use of just a camera and then will surprise you. My account has worked well here and I will tell more about the shadows site. Again please never close this gem, I hope you accept my words.”

Noah Dec/2019

“Pretty straight forward website with quality content, I turn on the slideshow and play some music to view the photos often. Have a feeling one day this site will go mainstream, it should. I would love more videos too.”

Jacob Dec/2019

“I have enjoyed this site ever since the very first MKBlondie shoots were done. I don’t remember how I first found this site. The photos on this site are Super Good. The videos Great.”

Butch Nov/2019

“You know I love the site, been here since 2017 and the last year has been the best so far. Old school photographer and webmaster does it all, don’t think people know how good Ryan is. No google ads all over the place, finding a site with none is impossible in this era.”

Rick Nov/2019

“I just recently joined up, was one of Ryan’s models over a decade ago. Was curious to what his work looked like now and paid up. I’m really liking the site and how well it all works. His best photos are on this site, definitely surprised he doesn’t show most of these off publicly.”

Leslie Nov/2019

“Who in their right mind would pay to view some guys photos? That’s what I was thinking before, now I’ve got to admit I’m a fan and plan on seeing more in the future.”

Sean Nov/2019

“This guys keeper rate is 95%+, proof is in the photos. I can honestly give a recommendation to anyone wanting to see these posts. Interesting upcoming samples in the membership page.”

Mark Nov/2019

“Spent a bunch of dough here, it works. Question is will there be more ***** ******** shoots? The ones I’ve seen made my jaw drop, but rumor is bluttraumer hates her now.”

Ruben Nov/2019

“Surprised to get quick response after a post didn’t work and it was fixed instantly. You can tell when someone knows what they are doing, this sites web person does. Gave great advice on flash photography with minimal gear that I used recently. 5/5 stars”

Linda Nov/2019

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