Last updated March 23 2020

  1. Shop, a default e-commerce store catalog with filters, quickly view all site products here. Has been customized to show logged in users “Purchased/Not Purchased” products below the add to cart button. The navigation menu below the shop link has extra viewing filters.
  2. My Posts, shows links to all Active PPP Purchases (Pay Per Post) and AOS Membership content while they are active. By default all content expires 30 days after purchasing and is removed from the active list on this page. Note this page has clickable accordion text, click bold text to expand the accordion and see stuff. This is the main membership page of the site and is constantly being modified more as a user dashboard.
  3. My Account, mainly for user account, billing, and order info data.
  4. Content Submission, photographer or videographers may submit content for cash or store credit, by approval only. Must send in a sample first.
  5. Entrance, simple homepage with general site info and news.
  6. Privacy Center, GDPR, Terms, Privacy information and other features.
  7. Kontakt, a simple contact form with file upload for media, this page has smart options and offline mode to save data. If you are logged in you will have user info details already filled in so you can just type message and submit.
  8. Modeling, models should use this page to signup for paying shoots we will show on this site and other places. This form is intelligent and has offline mode to save data in case you lose internet connectivity.
  9. Two Factor Authentication, optional feature to enable two factor authorization to your user login. I highly recommend this and it’s simple with a trusted device setting so you won’t need to always enter the code.
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