AoS v2.3.1

11/12/2018 We are tweaking some functions here, you may notice the site will not allow purchases during this time. This will be off and on for the next few days.

A list of some new features coming down the road.

  1. Photographer post submission via buyout if accepted. This is something I have been asked about every so often, I’ll activate it soon with details and see if it gets used.
  2. Blog focusing on alternative business setups like It’s a lot of work and needs constant upkeep but it can be worth it, depends on if you like doing it. Recommendations for servers, software, payment processors, configs, site design, custom code snippet help, more. This may be a paid blog function here or on ArtofShadows.NET, it can make you money if you have lots of content to post. All content has value, never believe “no one would buy my stuff”, people will I’m proof. This site has 0 marketing, imagine this setup with it?
  3. Model Profit sharing has been setup in the past few months and it’s an amazing benefit for models, unfortunately we have not had a qualifying model to use and tweak the system with yet. We plan on “putting it out” there more soon with updated terms as well.
  4. AoS Member will now be Lurker with included content and options. These will be the other posts from shoots not for sale individually on the PPP system.
  5. New membership options are possible in the future, we are testing a new configuration.
  6. Site style and colors may change a bit, adding more sliders to promote some content better.
  7. The store page will be customized very soon, not just a simple page of square products, will look more modern.
  8.  Checkout will be upgraded and easier.