ArtofShadows.com, see more from the shoots.

Active AOS Memberships have more info on this page.


Since 2015 as photo blog, upgraded to paid membership site April 1 2017.


Paid membership website and private store showcasing photoshoot content photos/videos with female models from all over the USA. After showing some content on a few social media sites people requested to see more from the shoots and this site was upgraded to show more.

How to Join

To start visit the ‘My Account’ or ‘Login’ page and if you see the ‘Register’ section enter valid username and email info to register, if you don’t see it then its closed for awhile. Three steps, 1. register for user account, this has to be approved and isn’t instant ->> 2. purchase AOS Membership this unlocks hidden store ->> 3. purchase content memberships to view stuff. The registration system is not enabled all the time, check back later if thats the case. Read below in ‘User Account’ for more.

User Account

A basic user account is free here but is done by admin approval only, this just gives you a user login, new since v5.3.1. This allows for more security and expanded options for everyone on the site. You can register for a free user account on the my account/login page ‘Register’ if it’s enabled, a email will be sent to verify email and to set password. Can check the status by trying to login with user details you used, a status email may be sent if enabled. If approved you can then login and visit the ‘Shop’, you will need to purchase AOS Membership to unlock the store, once thats paid for you will then see lots more products in the ‘Shop/Store’.


AOS is ran by webmaster/photographer from San Antonio, TX USA, many of the shoots are done in this area and some are done all over the USA.


If you are a model and want to do a shoot similar to one seen here you may send a message via the ‘Kontakt‘ page to check availability and shoot info. Shoots for this website are paid and super simple to get started with. Virtual shoots may be excepted if in good quality and fits the scheme of this website for a payment.

Social Media

AOS does not have any official social media due to the webmaster’s opinions of not giving away free data and abuse of this info. Some personal accounts may reference AOS content or info at times.


When you purchase a content membership you are unlocking a blog post(s), in the post is a photo gallery or a video, some memberships may have multiple separate posts. Photo galleries have around 100 photos, Video posts are 1-10 minutes in duration. All content is to view on this website. The majority of content is boudoir style and focused on sexy themes, nudity is shown here at max rating of R. Other content may have swimsuit, fashion, and other similar themes. All content is original and has minimal editing if any.


The majority of content memberships here range in price from $25 – $50 USD each, some may be a bit more.

Website Name

Not directly about lighting, shadow[s] is just a reference to a personality trait of being obscure. However low key shadowy images are often done here.


My multipurpose central hub/dev/blog is https://dreamcreator.io/

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