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This website is a side project of mine that has lasted a few years and continues to grow. Focus here is on sexy all the way to no boundaries erotic photography and video content, I am known for pushing limits and trying new things often. Short fantasy video story scenes are really a passion of mine and I plan on doing more of that in the future here. Besides that I am just a quiet loner type guy into music, kettlebells, calisthenics, photography, computer games, website tinkering, and hot women.

My shooting time and availability is extremely limited due to my main traveling job, so if you are wanting me to shoot for you it's usually a rare occasion for me to be available. Been shooting stuff for a few decades. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!

RB #ryanburlesonphotography

CalisthenicsWork.com my other site!

± b l u t t r ä u m e r ±

Blutträumer is a new entity/character in a vampire based (not a vampire exactly) story "You will know!" created and written by Ryan Burleson. This story will be part of new content I use at some of my future shoots to create small scenes I have written, vampire seduction with a new twist. Look for website soon bluttraumer.com (redirects here currently)

The voice of blutträumer sometime after giving in to his new existence.

I spend about 10-12 hours everyday listening to music, 80s synth dark wave to electronic are my favorites, but I love all types of music even country.